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Ammonia as a refrigerant is the ideal solution in terms of environmental impact, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Compared to synthetic refrigerants, ammonia has zero global warming potential and does not harm the ozone layer if released.

Operational safety requirements are of the utmost importance to Excel. The use of ammonia comes with very specific compliance requirements. At Excel Engineering, we know system design, every solution we deliver aligns with regulatory requirements. 

Our technicians are highly trained in safe handling procedures associated with ammonia as a refrigerant. 

It is a future-proof, extremely cost-efficient refrigeration and air conditioning solution that is ideal for large industrial facilities. We’ve implemented modern ammonia as refrigerant solutions for food and beverage producers, cold-storage sites, and other heavy industrial clients such as the petrochemical industry. 

At Excel Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, we use the right product for the job at hand – ammonia, carbon dioxide or hydrocarbon.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists work with you to develop the best solution for your cooling needs.

Keeping it cool, it’s what we do.

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