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Excellent Air Conditioning At Wellington's Avalon Studios

That’s why Avalon Studios CEO and Owner Gary Watkins trusts Excel Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Wellington with the maintenance of the existing plant as well as ongoing

“We’ve had a relationship with the team at Excel for many years and it’s been great,” he says. “They’ve understood the older plant that we have here and we’ve worked together on
opportunities to upgrade and improve systems around the building.”

“We’re all about supporting local companies and Excel is definitely local and the response times are great. We get to know the team and they’ve been doing a great job.”

Avalon Studios outsourced plant maintenance a number of years ago and Gary says it has worked very well.

“We have a preventative maintenance programme which sees a couple of the team turn up during the week, just check plant, monitor and keep an eye on things, and if we’ve got projects going on, obviously we see a lot more of them, and they help work for us on solutions that service the tenant or a customer.”

Gary says the 40 to 50 year old plant is very large and provides many opportunities to modernise. When the studio started out, cooling huge lighting loads was imperative so the space has a large now modernised chiller plant. There is also a sizable boiler system designed to keep studios heated.

“The demands on heating and cooling have changed with the lighting technology.”

Excel Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Director Brian McCawe says upgrades are important to minimise heating and cooling costs while maximising plant efficiency for the

“The upgrades have paid dividends.”


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