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Taradale Library HVAC UPGRADE

Crucial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system upgrades are keeping Taradale Library patrons comfortable as they explore the whole new worlds found in books and online.

Excel Refrigeration and AC Hawkes Bay have removed the library’s aged air handling units and ducting and replaced these with discreet, modern functional fabric ducts as part of Napier City Council’s investment in enhancing the space.

“We have a real need for really good air conditioning. In the summer months in Taradale Library it has been very very hot,” says Nicola Saunders, Napier City Council Libraries Manager. “We have lots of windows and therefore we really needed to get our air conditioning up to the right standard.

“It can have a real impact on our visitor numbers so certainly by having good air conditioning it will keep those numbers up and make it really pleasant for people to come in here and find their books, and spend time in the library.”

Investing in air conditioning infrastructure upgrades at the library is crucial to its success, Nicola says, and libraries are crucial within communities. 

Excel Commercial Contracts Manager Kieran Veale says the library is now kept at a comfortable 21˚C to 22˚C. 

“We achieve that by installing a new Air Handler out in the plant room and replacing all the existing ductwork inside with a nice new colour coded fabric ducting. It blends in with its surroundings and it matches the existing ducting.”

New Co2 and air temperature sensors placed throughout the common space measure and monitor air quality, energy efficiency and makes ongoing micro adjustments. 

An Excellent Result.   


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