Covid-19 Saliva Testing

Covid-19 Saliva Testing

A simple way to get results

Excel Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is really committed to the health and well-being of all of our team, our customers, key stakeholders and their whanau. With COVID-19 clearly in our community, Excel – Auckland is leading the business and being proactive, ensuring that all of the team of 43 employees in the business are regularly tested for COVID-19. For many of our customers this will provide confidence that we are taking Covid 19 seriously and have robust processes in place to keep their business safe.

The business is funding the Saliva Testing weekly, with samples collected every Friday. Saliva testing is a simple, less invasive and easy way to make sure COVID-19 does not sneak up on us.

The reality is that if one or some of our vaccinated team were to catch COVID-19 they might only have very mild or little to no symptoms. Regular saliva testing for everyone means that the virus is more likely to be detected during the high-risk transmitting period between days two to seven, rather than at days 7 or 14 as per the nasal swab test requirements. Early detection keeps everyone safe.

The test is pretty simple and largely involves drooling into a tiny container, it doesn’t need qualified medical professionals to administer, unlike the sticking a nasal swab up your nose does. Painful if you had to keep on doing this.

The science behind saliva testing has been around for nearly a year. In fact, Anne Wyllie, a New Zealand scientist at Yale University found saliva testing could be just as effective as the more painful nasal swab kind, and potentially better at early detection. The working theory is the virus may form in the saliva glands first before making its way to the back of the throat.

Jason Roud (Director) didn’t give this a second thought, once he knew saliva testing was available, he seized the opportunity. It is giving our employees better protection by detecting COVID-19 early, including those who are already vaccinated and may not have symptoms. It is giving our customers confidence that we have processes in place. Our customers’ business matters to us.

Doing weekly saliva testing is keeping us all safe. For more information on Saliva testing, visit

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